Personalised Immunotherapy in Sepsis:
a precision medicine approach

Catching up and planning ahead: ImmunoSep progress meeting finally in person again

For its 2nd progress meeting the ImmunoSep consortium has finally been able to come together again in person. After more than two years of virtual gatherings, partners met in Athens, Greece, on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2022: Everyone was happy to see each other warmly welcomed by the meeting host Evangelos Giamarellos-Bourboulis of Hellenic Institut for the Study of Sepsis (HISS) and project coordinator Mihai Netea of Radboud University Medical Centre (RUMC).

During the meeting the project partners discussed the latest developments of the clinical study and the project in general as well as important upcoming activities.

The meeting venue offered a stunning view across the Acropolis and provided the perfect backdrop for the focussed discussions of the partners. The first meeting day was reserved for discussions between the consortium members who took the opportunity to exchange the latest news and achievements made since the last progress meeting. Special focus was put on the discussion on the clinical study sites, recruitment and sample management. In conclusion, many exciting scientific advancements were presented by the partners, also by some of the young researchers of the project.

The second meeting day focused on the management as well as on discussions on how to promote ImmunoSep and make the newly gained knowledge and results available to the public. New communication strategies and plans on how to implement them were discussed. This was followed by excellent scientific presentations from project partners as well as invited speakers and young researchers, accompanied by a lively exchange with fruitful discussions. The coordinator Mihai Netea and all other project partners were pleased with the progress the project has made. The consortium is confident that they will reap the harvest of the hard work they have been putting into the project during its upcoming final two years.

The focused work during the two meeting days was divided by social activities kindly organised by the local hosts: Evangelos Giamarellos-Bourboulis invited the consortium to an impressive guided tour to the Acropolis Museum. In the end, the consortium agreed: “Πολλές ευχαριστίες, Evangelos and the entire HISS team, for amazingly hosting another successful ImmunoSep meeting!”


Smiling faces all around: The ImmunoSep consortium at their 2nd Progress Meeting in Athens, Greece