Personalised Immunotherapy in Sepsis:
a precision medicine approach

European Sepsis Alliance urges European governments and institutions to act

At the 6th ESA Annual Meeting that took place in Brussels on 21st of March, ESA Chair Evangelos Giamarellos called on national and European institutions and authorities to help improve sepsis care in Europe via a list of actions.

Sepsis is the most severe complication of infections and a leading cause of preventable deaths and disability in Europe. Every minute more than one person dies of sepsis in Europe and three quarters of the 2.8 million survivors affected suffer long-term sequelae.

The ESA call asks for concrete measures to support research, awareness, education, quality improvement, antimicrobial stewardship, support for survivors and political focus on sepsis in order to address this public health threat.

The call is available here and a recording of the 6th ESA Annual Meeting can be found here.

Evangelos Giamarellos, ESA Chair and Professor of Internal Medicine at the Hellenic Institute for the Study of Sepsis, has a leading role in the coordination of the clinical trial activities in the ImmunoSep project.